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Med Spa Marketing Agency in Phoenix, AZ

Grow your Med Spa with a marketing team you trust.

Med Spa Marketing Strategies + Med Spa Website Solutions


We give Med Spa’s peace-of-mind, by creating a predictable stream of new quality patients, so they can focus on running their growing business and providing quality care for their patients.

We specialize in helping you grow and scale your Med Spa.

What makes us different? We are a family-owned and operated marketing agency with 14+ years of experience. We desire to work with like-minded businesses that value sincere connection as much as we do.

It’s our level of communication that our clients love. 

We help you build a profitable flow of patients & online credibility.

When Med Spa’s come to us, they usually have specific goals in mind. The strategy to achieve those goals should be as unique as your Med Spa.

Here are some of the most common marketing objectives of ourMed Spa clients. Do any look familiar?


New, Quality Patients

Having a steady flow of new, quality patients each month is vital to keeping your Med Spa healthy and growing.

Customer Retention

Creating solid connections with your patients through internal communications is vital in keeping patients coming back!

Marketing ROI

Don't waste your money with trial and error solutions. We know what does and doesn't work, and we'll help you get it right the first time.

Trust & Peace Of Mind

Working with a like-minded, family-owned business comes with the assurance and peace-of-mind that you're not just another number.

Brad and his team at Liquis have been the most professional, responsive and the most detailed team we have ever worked with. They have taken our business to a whole other level. If your business is in need of top notch digital marketing services – look no further they are the best!!!

Mina White

Download your Med Spa Website Makeover Checklist

Simple website updates the will generate you more quality patients online.


Our Med Spa Marketing Toolbox.

Effectively executing a customized marketing strategy for yourMed Spa, requires the right combination of tools and strategies. Here are some of the ways we help Med Spa's, like you, exceed their business growth expectations.

Digital Advertising

What if you could flip a switch and bring quality patients right through the doors of your Med Spa? With the targeting abilities of today's ad platforms, we can do just that.

Marketing Automation

Imagine connecting with your patients at exactly the right time, every time. We create custom nurture journeys that deliver the optimal messaging to your patients based on their actions. Now, that's automation!

Search Engine Optmization

Some patients will discover your website organically on the internet. Still, to really boost your patient load, your Med Spa must rank higher in the searches... that's where the fun comes in.

Website Design & Optimization

Do people take action when they visit your Med Spa website? Can they easily schedule an appointment or communicate with your office? Optimizing your website for patient conversions can make all the difference in your office.

Social Media

Did you know 71% of consumers who have a positive social media experience with a Med Spa will recommend its service to others? Having a solid social media presence can elevate your Spa's visibility and draw in your ideal patients.

Research & Analytics

Any worthwhile strategy is built on research. Knowing the success of that strategy is found in the analytics. Together, we'll utilize these tools to understand the past and draw a roadmap for the future.

Experience the benefits of working with a family-owned & operated Med Spa Marketing Agency! Where you're not just another number, but a part of the family.

Big enough to deliver outstanding results, small enough to provide excellent service!

  • Hands-on experience
  • Improved communication
  • Personalized attention
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Flexible service options
  • Better pricing

Brad Ball

Solutions Orchestrator

Andy Ptacek

Marketing & Copy Logician

Jackie Wolfe-Ball

Project Manager

Chase Wolfe

Web & Support Director

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