“People will kill you over time. And how they will kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases like, ‘be realistic.'” -Dylan Moran

Jackie’s professional journey was nothing sort of that. As a teen, she started bookkeeping and it became apparent that she had a natural competency for numbers.  Jackie would go on to attended Palomar College for accounting.

As a personal rule, Jackie never picked a “forever” career. Instead she would pour herself into each opportunity whole heartedly and would learn as much as possible in each position, ready for the next door to open.

Jackie has owned and operated several successful companies over the years that she would eventually sell in order to pursue a professional career that would provide more flexibility and freedom.

Liquis design was born in 2008, during an economic downfall, and called upon Jackie’s  business expertise to survive. She has been an essential asset ever since.

Today, Jackie oversees the business objectives and transactions at Liquis Design while maintaining a thriving real estate career serving Northwest Valley residents and local heroes. Because, well, she’s still Jackie.


Cars are easy.

The first vehicle I drove was a tractor in Iowa.


The dog got all the eggs.

My pet chicken’s best friend was my dog.


Talk low, talk slow, and don't say too much.

I met John Wayne at his house for a BBQ.


I think I could win.

I secretly want to be on Survivor.


Are you my mother?

I once found a toddler walking the street in the middle if the night.


In bazar-o world, I'd be Gloria.

I relate to Seinfeld and Modern Family.


Wanna race?

I ran track and field for state and took a bronze in the Junior Olympics for the 400m relay.


Long hair and tight pants.

I love old school rock music.


Peddle faster!

I was once chased by a bear on my bike.



If you’re my friend it means a lot to me, really!


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