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Grow your dental practice with a marketing team you trust.

Dental Marketing + Dental Website Design


We specialize in helping dental offices grow and scale.

We give dental practices peace-of-mind by creating a predictable stream of new quality patients, so you can focus on running your growing practice.

It’s our level of communication that our clients love. 

Brad and the team at Liquis Digital have been amazing to work with over the past several years. They revamped my dental office's website with a fresh, professional, and very user friendly look and feel. Website traffic and lead generation has skyrocketed and there has been a very steady increase in new patient flow. We couldn't be happier with the product and the ongoing support that we receive from the team at Liquis Digital.

Dr. Jeffrey M. SindelarOakville Dental Care

The Dental Marketing You Need To Grow Your Dental Practice.

When dental offices come to us, they usually have specific goals in mind. The dental marketing strategy to achieve those goals should be as unique as your dental practice.


People are looking for your services right now. We make sure you are where they are searching and CAPTURE them the moment they are ready to buy.


The fact is, 90% of your market is not looking buy right now. We CREATE you new customers from this audience that didn't previously know you existed.


The fortune is in the follow up. Getting interested leads is great, but getting customers is the goal! We make sure all the pieces are in place to CONVERT leads into customers on autopilot.



We make sure you CAPTURE the customers that are ready to buy right now.


We CREATE customers for your dental practice that didn’t know you existed before.


We make sure all the pieces are in place to CONVERT leads into patients on autopilot.


Download your Lead Generations Website Checklist

Simple website updates the will generate you more quality patients online.


Our Dental Marketing Toolbox.

Effectively executing a customized marketing strategy for your dental office, requires the right combination of tools and strategies. Here are some of the ways we help dental practices, like you, exceed their business growth expectations.


Google Ads

Potential customers are searching for your services right now. Running Google Search Ads is one of the best ways capture this audience.

Local SEO

Nearly 50% of all searches on Google are local. Meaning searchers are looking for businesses in their area. We make sure you’re showing up.

Social Media Ads

Running ads on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok is one of the best ways to create customers that didn’t know you existed. And when you apply retargeting, your brand will be everywhere!

Marketing Automation

Imagine connecting with your patients at exactly the right time, every time. We create custom marketing automations that deliver the optimal messaging to your patients when it matters most.

Messenger Marketing

With AI Powered Conversational Marketing you can make that first conversation count. Give your visitors a personalized experience no matter where they are on your site.

Review Management

Good reviews matter! Over 99.9% of customers read reviews when they shop online. Getting reviews doesn’t always just happen, you have to ask. Review management helps automate this process for you.

Experience the benefits of working with a family-owned & operated Dental Marketing Agency! Where you're not just another number, but a part of the family.

Big enough to deliver outstanding results, small enough to provide award-winning service!

  • Hands-on experience
  • Improved communication
  • Personalized attention
  • Faster turnaround times
  • Flexible service options
  • Better pricing

Brad Ball

Solutions Orchestrator

Andy Ptacek

Marketing & Copy Logician

Jackie Wolfe-Ball

Project Manager

Chase Wolfe

Web & Support Director

Liquis Digital:

“Website traffic and lead generation has skyrocketed and there has been a very steady increase in new patient flow.”
– Dr. Christopher J Guilfoy

Oakville Dental Care Case Study

The owners of Oakville Dental Care were fatigued by lackluster marketing results and impersonal solutions. They felt like just another number to their previous marketing provider and were beginning to believe their investment was not worth the cost. Oakville Dental Care needed a company they could trust to deliver outstanding results; that’s where we came in.

Once Oakville Dental Care joined the Liquis Digital family, we quickly got to work. Our team redesigned their website to visually represent their quality of care and function as a high converting digital tool. After completing the website, we electrified their online presence with our digital marketing service, including Google AdWords, social ads, local SEO, and email marketing.

Four years later, Oakville Dental Care is still part of the Liquis family. Under our care, their practice has continued to grow. With a predictable flow of new, quality patients, Oakville Dental Care has had the luxury of acquiring an additional clinic to add to its already successful dental practice.

In just 3 months after working with us…


Increase in overall website traffic


Increase in organic search traffic


Increase in social traffic


Increase in new monthly patients

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