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Your business deserves the best.

The process of logo design starts with a simple idea and ends with an intentional visual statement. We even develop company-wide brand guidelines for many clients to ensure every aspect of their company is consistent with their logo design and brand identity.

Our rebrand story.

It had been eight years since we rebranded. It was challenging, but exciting and we feel true to our look again. For those of you thinking about giving your business a fresh new look, check out this video. We documented our own rebrand story to help others understand the process a little better and hopefully inspire. Enjoy!

The journey of a logo.

Discovery first.

Whether we are developing a logo for an established brand or a start up, we always use in-depth discovery methods to uncover unique information and make educated decisions about design concepts, color choices, typography and overall style. We also learn details about the brand’s current perceptions and what the new desired perceptions should be.

Master brainstorm session.

This is the phase where the Liquis team comes together and gets creative. We talk through all the information we gathered in the previous phase and bounce around ideas as we develop multiple, unique, high-level concepts for your logo on paper. The rapid prototyping in the stage allows us to quickly weed out the concepts that don’t work well.

Development and collaboration.

In the development stage we focus on turning the best concepts into digital files for more precise viewing and alterations. At the end of this stage, we meet with you to determine the concept that best suits your needs and brand ideals.

Refinement to finish.

As we fully develop the chosen logo concept, we work with you through 3 rounds of revisions to refine the design as needed. When the logo is complete, we provide small, medium, and large files types that are ready to use. We even include our creative file.

Some logos we’ve developed.

Let’s take your business to the next level.

We’d love to learn more about your business, and discuss how we can take your brand to the next level. It’s no secret that great branding converts more customers. Together we can build your brand with highly professional and compelling visuals that create instant credibility and offer true ROI.