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Digital Marketing Agency in Phoenix, AZ

Stop guessing. Start growing.

An actual marketing strategy that aligns with your goals is the “secret” to growth.


Take your business to the next level with a custom digital marketing strategy.

Businesses that depend on referrals or business cards alone can struggle to really thrive.

When you stop waiting for your next customer and start attracting them… everything changes.

To start thriving you must take action and be intentional with organic and paid marketing tactics to reach, capture, and nurture, leads and turn them into customers… over and over again.

What's your objective?

When people come to us they usually have specific goals in mind. The way to achieve those goals should be as unique as the organization itself.

Here are some common marketing objectives we encounter. Any look familiar?


Grow Leads

Customers always start out as leads. We'll help you determine your most ideal customer, how to gain their interest, and nurture them through the buying cycle.

Grow Revenue

What business doesn't want this? Increasing revenue is vital for any company to thrive. We'll help you figure out what's blocking your growth and find a solution that makes sense.

Grow Traffic

From the layout of your website, the format of you landing pages, to on-site search engine optimization, we'll help qualified leads find YOU.

Grow List

Having a list is one of the best ways to engage your audience. But a cold list is as good as no list. We'll help you grow a list of engaged people who want to hear from you.

Our marketing toolbox.

Effectively executing a customized strategy requires the right combination of tools and tactics. Here are some of the ways we help our customers achieve business growth.

Marketing Automation

Imagine connecting with your customers at just the right time, every time. We create custom journeys that deliver the right message to your audience based on their actions and interests. That's automation!

Digital Advertising

What if you could turn on a switch and bring qualified traffic right to the doors of your business? With the targeting abilities of today's ad platforms, we can do just that.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about giving true value to your potential customers and solving problems they may not have even realized yet. We can help you create a content marketing strategy that is effective and delivers value to your customers.

Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a great way to attract qualified traffic to your website. Offering valuable downloadable resources such as e-books, checklists, and guides, will attract the right visitors and convert them into a lead.

Custom Landing Pages

Getting visitors to your website is one thing, but how do you get that anonymous visitor to become a lead? Custom landing pages are created with this specific goal in mind.

Social Media

Did you know 71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand will recommend the product or service to others? Having a solid social media presence can elevate your brand and draw in your ideal customers.

Research & Analytics

Any worthwhile strategy is built on research. Knowing the success of that strategy is found in the analytics.

Search Engine Optmization

Being found organically by search engines can certainly boost traffic to your website, that's a no-brainer. Getting your web pages to rank higher in searches... That's where things start to get fun.

Website Messaging & Positioning

When people visit your website, do they know what problems you can solve for them right away? Having the right information in the right places and saying it the right way can make or break your conversion rate.

Email Sequences

Building relationships with your leads through valuable email sequences will help you stay connected and eventually turn your email list into paying customers. We can help you achieve this at a higher success rate with conditional automation.

Launches & Promos

Launches and promotions have a lot of moving parts and can be difficult to navigate. To get the most out of your big moment, you'll want to do it right!

Online Courses

Online courses are a great way to educate your audience, offer value, and inadvertently get a foot-in-the-door lead to your bigger services while building your marketing list. Courses can be delivered through sequential emails or integrated right on your website.

As someone older, starting an encore career, they have provided me with education and creative ideas. They have treated my questions and lack of social media knowledge with great respect. I always leave a meeting with them having a plan and a sequence of tasks that I feel comfortable following. They are always open to my ideas and understand the direction of my business. I consider Liquis as part of my team in developing my business. I highly recommend working with Liquis not only because of their skills but for their reasonable fees that produce high quality results.

Paulette Bergounous | Author

The Liquis team has been superior in the service, attitude, support, and delivery. After securing their services and experiencing their support I've networked with other customers of Liquis and found they all had a similar experience. They are, across the board, a company I would recommend and use again and again.

Mark Moore | Author, Educator, and Pastor

Brad and his team are amazing. I have been working with them for the past several years on a variety of projects ranging from full web re-design, marketing campaigns, and small print projects. They listened to what we wanted and then came back with something better then we could have thought up. Their team is fun, professional, and great to work with.

Colleen Schwab | Greater Phoenix Economic Council

Liquis has been phenomenal to work with! Starting a new business was overwhelming enough, and being able to hand-off the design of my website, social media ads and strategize with them over email campaigns and how to drive traffic to the site (among many other things) has been incredibly helpful!

Stephanie Hendrick | Author and Speaker

Brad and his team at Liquis have been the most professional, responsive and the most detailed team we have ever worked with. They have taken our business to a whole other level. If your business is in need of top notch digital and marketing services – look no further they are the best!!!

Mina White | Vigilant CBD

Brad and the Liquis team go above and beyond for their clients! Don't think twice or hesitate about contacting or working with them!

Julie Boyster | Boyster Marketing

Website traffic and lead generation has skyrocketed and there has been a very steady increase in new patient flow. We couldn't be happier with the product and the ongoing support that we receive from the team at Liquis Digital.

Jeffery Sindelar | Oakville Dental

The team at Liquis is top notch! They are knowledgeable, have great insight, and an amazing ability to take your words and make them into the vision you were hoping for and then some. Liquis will not disappoint. Thank you Brad and team!

Brenda Lozano | Advanced Reimbursement

The team at Liquis is easy to work with and they are always quick to respond to email and voicemails. We appreciate their expertise, as well as their excellent service.

Jessica McCann | Perspective Financial Services

We can't thank the team at Liquis enough for the results they've gotten for our business! They are so much more than web designers and marketers, they are business partners. As a small business, it is so important to find the right people you can trust to grow your business. Liquis makes it easy! Brad is responsive and follows up regularly to check in on us. Any time we have questions, they are quick to respond. Liquis Design is a must have for our business.

Cindy and David Bettes | CrossFit Incendia Peoria, AZ

We have worked with Brad and the crew at Liquis Digital for years and I am always impressed with their quality of work and their speed and accuracy in getting our projects done. They are great to work with and I would highly recommend them.

Carolyn Harrison | True Custom Homes

Liquis design has been a pure pleasure to work with! First of all they are truly nice people. They do gorgeous work with attention to detail and complete, dedicated availability for all of my questions, concerns, ideas, and edits. I cannot recommend them highly enough and I look forward to working with them again as my business grows and evolves in the future.

Mary O'Brian | O'Brian Baby

Brad and his team at Liquis have been an amazing support to my small business. They have designed and carried out numerous projects for me with awesome outcome and turn around time. They are easy to work with and have allowed me to spend time on other things in my business that need my attention.

Amanda Walker |

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