Refresh your brand and wow your customers this year

wowIf it’s been eons since you took a look at your website and other marketing materials as a whole, there’s no better time than now to kick off the new year in style. Let your customers know you take your business seriously and you are a professional in tune with what your business stands for.

Okay, so maybe you DO take your business seriously and you ARE a professional in tune with what your business stands for, but don’t you think your customers should know that too? Others perceptions of your business have a lot to do with how its presented to them.

The number one thing you can do to improve this perception is to be consistent. Don’t use all five variations of your logo, pick one and use it everywhere. Make sure everyone has uniform business cards, your fonts are all the same and your website is up-to-date.

If you think it’s time for a fresh look, meet with a designer. Be sure you let them know all the ways you market your business and everywhere you use your logo so they can come up with the best possible ideas. It could be as easy as a logo update or complete overhaul with an evolved logo, fresh fonts and more interactive website.

Whatever you decide, it’s always a good idea to take a step back, gather all your marketing materials and see how you can improve moving forward.

Andy Ptacek

Andy Ptacek

Hello, I’m Andy! My part here at Liquis is everything marketing. I get to work in the trenches on things like content and audience strategy to ensure the business objectives of our clients are communicated in the most beautiful, strategic, and PROFITABLE fashion. I also work the on the internal marketing initiatives for Liquis, including many cause-related events that coincide with the company's mission to help.