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Get more conversions with this email nurture sequence template.

By July 8, 2020March 23rd, 2024No Comments
Email Nurture Sequence Template
Email Nurture Sequence Template

Before we get to the email sequence template, let’s look at the they got on your list.

In the scenario that this template is designed for, the customer would have entered your email list by downloading a lead magnet. This is a crucial first step that will  determine how many qualified, warm potential customers will enter the email nurture sequence.
Once you have a solid lead magnet in place, you’ll want to create a series of emails that your downloaders will receive via your email marketing system.
Our preferred email system is Autopilot because it provides certain options like:
  • Implementing automatic journey triggers when a new person enters the system for seamless (hands-free) email campaigns.
  • Specifying timeframes between emails to personalize the experience for the recipient such as day and time windows to make sure your email isn’t going out at 3am on a Saturday.
  • Personalizing the nurture sequence based on actions potential customers take with your email or on your website.
  • Exiting people from the email sequence who have taken action as to not seem impersonal or annoying now that they are an official warm lead or customer.
 Once you’ve chosen an email system that is capable of sending automated email sequences with the features you need, it’s time to write!

Your email sequence template for increased conversions:

Keep in mind this is just a guide and sometimes it will morph into something else. Go with what feels authentic!

First Email: Download the lead magnet.

The content in this email should be short and simple – give them what they want without extra content or hoops to jump through. The download button should be prominent.

Second Email: Bonus content.

Give them a little something extra that is in line with the resource. Be sure to include a soft up-sell by providing valuable info that is bridges the lead magnet with the main (paid) offer. The call to action from here on out should be for your main offer with a button that tells them what to do. An example for service-based businesses would be a button that says, "Schedule Your Free Consultation" with a link to an associate's calendar via Note: People are more likely to keep an appointment they initiate.

Third Email: Up-sell with a hard call-to-action.

Sell your heart out! Tell them how your product or service can change their life for the better and what they need to do to get there. Again, make your CTA button prominent with an action statement.

Fourth Email: The "last chance" email.

This email should create a sense of urgency for your potential customer. This is their last chance to take action with you before you go, basically letting them know you won’t be filling up their inbox anymore (common courtesy!). Of course be sure to give one final push for your offer along with a strong CTA.
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