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Lead Magnets for Beginners
Lead Magnets for Beginners
A lead magnet is an offer made in exchange for getting the contact details of your visitors. Lead magnets are usually free downloadable resources, in PDF format, designed to help attract prospects for future sales.

Effective lead magnet options include:

  • Guides
  • eBooks
  • Worksheets
  • Training
  • Blueprints
  • Cheat Sheets
  • And the like…

Know your audience.

One of the most important factors in the success of your lead magnet is how it is received by your audience.
First, you have to know what they want. Hopefully, you have been engaged with them enough to understand where their head is at and what their end goal is.
[Tweet “Pro tip: It’s usually not your services, but a result that people are looking for.”]
You also need to know their pain point. If you know what they struggle with, you can better position yourself as the resource they need.

Work on your title.

Titles make a huge impact. They should be short, catch attention, and get the viewer excited about what they are going to get. You might spend just as much time working on and testing the title as you do on the lead magnet itself!
If your lead magnet isn’t getting attention, change the title and share it again.
Read the title as if you were the audience. Does it make you excited to find out more? Does it talk down to you? What feelings do you get from reading it?  Would you keep scrolling if it popped up in your feed?

The magic happens in the download.

So you have this amazing lead magnet, but how does the exchange happen?
On your lead page.
A lead page is essentially a sales page for your lead magnet that requests information from your lead to download the lead magnet.
Usually, this happens through a form and an auto response is attached to the email that includes a thank you message and the requested PDF.

Then what?

If you gave them a truly valuable resource, you’ve just created a sales opportunity. The next natural step here is to keep your new lead engaged with an email nurture sequence that will increase awareness about you, how you can help them further, and create an opportunity to upsell down the road.
Turning a lead into a sale is a topic for another post, but if you start with collecting leads, your pool for sales will continue to grow as you develop the perfect sales strategy.
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