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Well which is it?

By June 2, 2009December 16th, 2014No Comments

web-siteWhen I first put together the copy for the Liquis Web site, I noticed all the other Web designers used the term “website” when describing their business, which is the most common spelling and capitalization for the word. I knew from consulting my AP Stylebook that it should be spelled Web site because it is from the root World Wide Web, but frankly, nobody’s following the rules! I’ve also commonly seen Website – a blend of both. When I Google News-ed the term, I noticed even journalists are getting it wrong. For example, this journo surprised me with web site. Just one page deep into my Google News search, I saw it used every which way imaginable.

I ended up using the word incorrectly on our site, which really irks me, but I did it because it’s the most common and searchable. This gets under my skin as a former journalism student and I don’t understand the madness. Come on people!

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