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Developing a visual brand with a plan

By December 11, 2009June 26th, 2024No Comments

What Liquis Means copyYou know what a vision board is, right? Well, the great thing about a vision board is that it’s a visual representation of all your hopes and dreams and when you look at it frequently, you become subconsciously focused.  Although most often used for obtaining personal goals, this concept can also be applied to companies in order to realize their brand and direction.  

Liquis did it

Around our first birthday, the Liquis team sat down and brainstormed individual lists of what the Liquis brand meant to us and where we saw the future of this company. Then we got online and pulled a bunch of pics that matched our ideas. When we got together again with our lists and images, we were amazed to find that they all meshed pretty well, with the exception of a few that we had to decide on which fit best.

Deciding on a common goal

It’s important that at some point in the process you determine a main, common goal to be the focus of the vision board. This will help you define the other components which will ultimately serve as baby steps toward that goal.

When we first started Liquis, we all had very unique ideas on how we wanted to do business and where we would focus our efforts. Within that first year, we rehashed those ideas and came to an agreement that someday we would like to consider partnering with a complimenting company in which both entities could expand the services they offer and ultimately benefit the needs our clients.

With that current main goal in mind, we made it the center of our vision board so it was the most prominent. Then, as we organized our lists, the images were placed to move outward from our internal visions and ideals to what we want our public brand perception to look like.

Making it work for you

This exercise is meant to help your company visually depict a common, solid ground as you look toward the future, but you don’t have to be on the same page as the rest of your team or management to do this. In fact, if you all have different ideas, that could get you even closer to a specific common ground as you work to agree upon values and goals and what that looks like.

The purpose of a company vision board is to help you get in tune with who you are and where you’re going. It’s a good idea to reevaluate your vision board every year as your common goal could change, like ours did, or maybe you want to focus on different company values or branding initiatives. Keep in mind that every vision board is different from the next and there are absolutely no rules. So dive in, get down to the basics and grow!

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