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Creating Killer Titles [Content Pro Tips]

Creating killer content starts with a killer title or headline.

A bad headline is a sure way to have your content marketing fail. According to Copyblogger, 80% of your visitors will read your headline – but only 20% will go on to finish the article.

The purpose of your headline is to get people to read the first sentence of your article.

Your headline should grab the reader’s attention so they focus in on your content. It’s important that the headline directly correlates with the content of the post.

While grabbing the reader’s attention, your headline should also convey a call-to-action, or a reason they should advert their focus to an offer.

What the experts say:

Neil Patel uses the “4 U’s” method when writing his headlines. The four U’s being:

  1. Make it Unique
  2. Be Ultra-specific
  3. Convey a sense of Urgency
  4. Make it Useful has put together 51 Headline Formulas. You can bookmark this page and use these as a great starting point for your content.

According to Ray Edwards, author of “How To Write Copy That Sells,” a headline must accomplish these 3 tasks:

  1. Stop the reader in their tracks.
  2. Make a promise that interests the reader.
  3. Evoke curiosity.

Your turn!

Which of these expert tips aligns with your vibe/style most? Give it a try! The worst thing that can happen is nothing changes. the best thing that can happen is increased connection with your audience, leading to more conversions!

It’s crazy how saying the same thing in just the right way can make such an impact on the success of a product or service.

I can’t wait to hear how it goes! For real, let me know!

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Andy Ptacek

Andy Ptacek

Hello, I’m Andy! My part here at Liquis is everything marketing. I get to work in the trenches on things like content and audience strategy to ensure the business objectives of our clients are communicated in the most beautiful, strategic, and PROFITABLE fashion. I also work the on the internal marketing initiatives for Liquis, including many cause-related events that coincide with the company's mission to help.