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Buzz words are bad

By May 26, 2009December 16th, 20142 Comments

buzwords1Whether you are a small business and wear both the internal and external communications hats or you are a hotshot in corporate America, ponder this for a moment…

No one is listening to you! Okay, I take that back. No one is listening to you if you are speaking to them in the verbal vomit that is buzz words. Buzz words are an automatic turnoff and most of the time words like ROI and synergy sound more like bla bla bla. Tell your audience what you really mean. Make it conversational, yet interesting and creative, to get your message across. A great way to do this is to be interactive and visual with your message… be different.

Look at it this way – how many e-mail newsletters do you really read versus blog posts? The reason is blogs are made to attract readers while newsletters are provided to readers and thus are presumed to be read. The truth is, there is no guarantee your newsletters will be read, but you sure can make every effort to make them readable.

Please join me in the fight against buzz words! I’m interested to know… which buzz words do you despise?


  • Kia says:

    I really hate “parking lot” or “park” and “action item”. It’s usually just a reason to create another unecessary meeting that still accomplishes nothing.

    “Let’s ‘parking lot’ this idea until late and can someone create an ‘action item’ that we’ll discuss in the next meeting?”

  • Andy says:

    Perfect example Kia! Buzz words just rub me the wrong way… Some might even call them BS words 😉

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