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Are business cards still important?

By June 11, 2009December 16th, 2014No Comments


When I get a business card, I generally jot down a few notes on the back about how I met the person, possibly their twitter name and even some characteristics that will help me remember them later or provide a conversation starter should we ever touch base again. Then I throw it away.

You see, once I have all the info I want, I put it into my Outlook and I’m done. If I didn’t want your business card in the first place, I skip the first step. My hypothesis here is that everyone must be like me, right? If they are, then what’s the point of business cards these days? Do they make a first impression before they hit your garbage can never to be seen again? Is anyone spending big bucks on fancy-pants cards anymore?

Here at Liquis, we wanted our business cards to be the best of the best. Our cards were on a super soft cardstock and we added clear foil over our logo so it would look sleek and shiny. About a grand later (for a thousand cards, mind you), we had ourselves some pretty sweet business cards, or so we thought. No one commented on how soft the cards felt in their hand or how cool our logo looked. We were bummed. Next time will be different. They’ll still be cool, but definitely different.

Here are some examples of cool business cards (The edible one totally makes sense!), but are they worth it? You be the judge.

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