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Where is the best place for your content to live?

By September 5, 2019No Comments
Liquis Digital: Where is the best place for your content to live?
Liquis Digital: Where is the best place for your content to live?

Any content that supports your business should reside on your website.

Yes, we all know someone who “does just fine” with their Facebook or LinkedIn page but let’s be real. If you want any hope of someone finding you organically, a website is necessary.

If you are relying on social media platforms to get your message across and sell your offer, you are vastly limiting your audience. Social platform algorithms are constantly changing, not to mention the format in which your content is displayed (or not displayed like when Facebook recently removed the Company Overview and Biography sections for business pages).

Your business-related content should really reside on your website either as a lead page (also referred to as a landing page) or your blog. This gives you control over every aspect of it.

Think of your website as your online hub.

The main objective is to get people to your website for the full picture of how you can help them with your offer.

I know we’ve talked about effective content formats like webinars, e-books, lists, videos and more, but all of these things can be part of your website, the place that you have specially designed to win people over as a customer.

Yes, upload your videos or podcasts to your subscriber platform, but also embed them in a blog post and write show notes or give bonus info. Yes, host a webinar or write an e-book hosted on your platform of choice, but use a lead page on your website to promote or sign up for it. Does this all make sense?

Strategize your content.

This leads me to content upgrades as we like to call them, which is basically a free download of any sort that people must fill out a form on your website to receive, thus adding themselves to your database. This tactic can be part of a bigger strategy that nurtures downloaders into customers via an email drip campaign, but that’s a whole other post.

The main point here is: Nothing can replace your website when it comes to turning content into sales.

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