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Taking a walk down memory lane

By February 11, 2010December 16th, 2014The Liquis Crew

path leading to seaChange and evolving have been on my mind lately. Andy recently asked us to answer 2 questions about Liquis. Why us, why right now ? After reading our answers I thought wow, not only can we answer these questions in the first place, but we have good answers! However, I felt a bit left out. I keep records and books in order and balance. Has my position evolved? I have been entering past clients and projects into a new project management application that our design director, Brad, has custom built to better suit our needs.

Wanting everything to be in one place, I begin pulling over client information, invoices and contracts from our previously used application. Starting from old to new, I began to chuckle. Looking at the design of our first documents, verbiage, contracts, and even a few pricing errors from the beginning of “Liquis time,” I realized something… We have grown and evolved in this area as well! You can imagine my delight! My chuckle turned into a proud smile. Terminology, contract verbiage, documents, as well as the overall flow of things have all changed! Yes I have been aware of the many changes in our company growth over the course of time, but I never really noticed it in this area. It was like the magazines that show movie stars with their different looks and styles through the years. You look back and can’t even remember when the change happened.

We have never been afraid of change and growth, which is how I think we got here. We are forever learning and evolving. What I’ve learned from this is that it’s a good idea to take a moment to look back at where you started and the progress of how you got where you are today. The records and books are a good place to start. What does your time line look like? Are all areas changing? Did anything stay the same?!

Jackie Ball

Hi my name is Jackie, I’m the General Manager at Liquis Design. I can’t imagine this job title being any more fun than it is here at Liquis... Unless our office building allowed razor scooters, of course.

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