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How to make clients love you.

By April 4, 2017June 5th, 2018No Comments
Liquis Digital: How to make clients love you

This piece of paper has been up in our office since we’ve had one – And has moved with us twice.

On one hand, our core value has always been to “help.”

On the other, we know that we could never live up to that value unless our clients found us as helpful as we thought we were. What does it matter if we think we did a good job and our client is unhappy? Nada.

So after years of keeping this gem to ourselves, I wanted to share these tried and true tips that are still working for us today.

1. Don’t be on time, be early.

If you’re aiming to run early and something comes up (which it always does), it will save you from being late or underprepared.

2. Communicate clearly and frequently.

Clients like to know what’s going on. By setting expectations along the way (as well as providing points of reference up front) you’re setting everyone up for success.

3. Over deliver. 

Nickel and diming is for the faint of heart. It’s for the ones who don’t see the big picture. The ones who don’t really care. What a terrible way to live your life… and do “business.”

4. Listen.

We know it’s hard when your plate is full to take that 45-minute phone call or reply to the 10,000th email when all you want to do is get the job done – but remember – listening is a big part of your job too. You can’t do your best work without being a faithful sounding board for your client.

5. Take an active interest in their success.

By taking the time to learn what gets your client excited – and helping them win – you become a true asset and difference maker which is a tough bond to break.

6. Appreciate the work and don’t gripe.

Busy is not good, it’s great! Change your perspective and try to remember those times when work was less abundant. Then, when you go through those slow times, try to enjoy it a bit. Attitude is everything.

7. Answer your phone.

Nothing is more annoying to a client than a consultant they can never consult. Always pick up, even if it’s to say you have to call them back. It will make them feel important.

8. Present your work.

Set up the big moment and make it an experience that gets your client excited about your hard work.

9. Learn to take criticism.

We aren’t helping at all if we can’t achieve what the client wants. A professional opinion should always be given, but it shouldn’t become a breaking point in the project. Balancing your best work with difficult client input is a challenge to be welcomed.

10. Come through in a bind.

Saving the day is always a good way to win loyal clients. This kind of thing usually never happens at a convenient time, but being the “go-to” person for the job is what keeps us in business, right?

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