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Media survival guide to prolong the spotlight.

By August 15, 2017August 16th, 2017No Comments
Liquis Digital Media survival guide to prolong the spotlight
Liquis Digital Media survival guide to prolong the spotlight

It’s amazing to us how many times we hear of a client’s media appearances through the grapevine and they never thought it relevant to utilize on their website.

As consumers, we naturally tend to think of media spots as only alive for the time they are aired or published. Then it becomes old news and nobody cares. Not true! We need to start thinking of media appearances as prolonged business opportunities.

Stay in the spotlight.

If you have ever been (or plan to be) on television, radio, or in a publication, it’s important to capitalize on the moment!

Let’s say you landed any one of these media spots. The potential reach is far wider than the original, organic audience.

These media appearances are pure GOLD when it comes to building your credibility. They should be strategically shared on social media and find residence on your website where relevant.

These media appearances indirectly sing your praises and depict your knowledge or opinion as valuable. This casually builds trust with your audience and makes conversions a lot more likely.

Here are some ways to utilize your media clips:

  • Share them more than once on relevant hashtag holidays or #TBT/#FBF
  • Don’t forget to cross-post in the best format for the various social media outlets you participate on.
  • Blog about your experience and included the clip.
  • If your clip helps others, seek out groups or forums where the information would be valuable to post.
  • Post clips to your website on relevant pages or in a homepage gallery. Sometimes clips get overlooked on dedicated media pages, so strategically placing them on your website is important.

Get in the spotlight.

I think we can agree that media coverage is a pretty cool advantage, but if you’re like many other business owners, you don’t know how the media world works at all.

Luckily, our friend Charlotte at The Media Push has provided this free download to make the most out of a potential media interaction.

The Reality of Publicity

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