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Increase the visibility for your business in 2023

By February 8, 2023No Comments

If you’re looking to increase the visibility for your business in 2023, and you’re trying to do it yourself through paid ads… This is where you’re probably messing it up. 

To be successful with paid ads you need to understand this key concept: Running ads on Google is completely different then running ads on Social.  

If people are seeing your ads on Google search then they are seeing it because they have intent. Meaning they searched something about your product or service and are intentionally looking for you or what you offer. 

If they are seeing your ad on TikTok, Instagram or Facebook for example, then they do not have intent. In that moment they were not searching for you. Your ad showed up in front of them, and interrupted their flow. 

So to be successful with paid ads, the content and verbiage in your ads needs to cater to where your running ads.  

If you’re running ads on Google, then your audience is searching for you. Typically, this means they have a problem, and are aware of it, and looking for a solution. So your verbiage should not be problem aware type of content but instead focused on the solution, and building trust and credibility.

f you’re running ads on social, then your audience isn’t searching for you, and they are probably not aware of the problem you solve, or aware that they even have a problem, or that they are even thinking about it. So your content should be problem aware type of content.  

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