How to use video in emails.

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video in email
video in email

While video files are not supported in email, there are a couple workarounds that are basically the same thing.

Why the fuss about video?

Video is king in capturing an audience. We know this. If you read any marketing books, blogs or articles, you’ve seen the data. The one place we’re not accustomed to this marketing tactic is email. That’s why this sought after tips are especially impactful.

Email video option one.

DIY Timers. These are excellent for time-sensitive offers or to create a sense of urgency around what action you want your reader to take. You can even customize your timmer to match your branding and set parameters around dates or time zones.

Email video option two.

DIY Gifs. I know what you’re thinking, those things can be so annoying! And they’re so generic! True. While many gifs are not a suitable companion to your content or email offer, you can actually make your own gif, AND play it at normal speed. A gif played at normal speed is basically a video in a file type supported by email. It’s also basically magic.

Pro Tip: Convert MOV files to GIF files with this online tool.

The catch.

Because these options are not actual video,  there is no sound. This is where your content needs to be on p0int. Your reader will be enchanted with the unusual motion in their inbox, that your words need to be fully understood at a glance. Tell them simply, how they are about to benefit from your offer.

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Andy Ptacek

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