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Facebook & Instagram success strategies.

By January 6, 2021No Comments
Liquis Digital: digital marketing services
Liquis Digital: digital marketing services

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume you’re looking to level up your social media game on Facebook and Instagram.

Twitter, LinkedIn, TicToc, Pinterest, and others each have their own strategies that are specific to their platforms and we could write an article for each and every one! But for today we’ll stick to covering the most prevalent among business leaders and brands: Facebook and Instagram. Which, by the way are under the same ownership. So much of what works on one platform, also works on the other!

First, let’s start with WHEN to post.

  1. Post 2-3X a week in your feed.
  2. Post AT LEAST once a day for stories.

It’s not complicated, but it will take commitment. And if you stick to it, you will see growth in engagement which is so important for your business too!

Now let’s get specific about HOW to post to your feed and stories.

Facebook and Instagram love it when you use ALL thier features… And when you show them love, they’ll send it right on back by showing your post and stories to more people, more often.

But if you stay stagnant with your single image posts on Instagram or your website links on Facebook, your results will stay stagnant too.

These platforms intentionally launch new features to keep you loyally engaged.

For example, as soon as TicToc exploded, Instagram introduced Reels. To fend off YouTube, Instagram launched IGTV. Noticing people liked short form content like Twitter, Instagram then Facebook gave us stories.

The point is, they want you stay and play. If you do, you will be rewarded!

Here are some ideas to mix up your posts for better results:

  1. Utilize video for posts, IGTV, and stories.
  2. Go live on either or both platforms.
  3. Post multiple images to create intrigue and encourage longer engagement with your content.

Pro tip! The more time someone spends looking at your posts, the more the algorithm will reward you by showing it to more people! Again, the goal of Facebook and Instagram is to keep people engaged. If you help them with that, they will help you.

Finally, let’s talk about WHAT to post.

When posting, your litmus test should be, “Will this stop them from scrolling long enough to look at my post for at least one minute?”

This simple prompt will help you to create more captivating content for increased engagement, which in turn helps even more people see your message.

As for what types of content to post, here are some great ideas to mix in:

Saveable and shareable content.

This is content like thought leader graphics, quotes, recipes, how-tos, etc., that will prompt people to save and share your post which is even more powerful than a like for the algorithm and keeping people engaged with your post over time, not to mention the new eyeballs who might see your shared content!

Interactive prompts.

These can be “caption this,” “fill-in-the-blanks,” “this-or-thats,” “would you ever,” etc.

Behind the scenes.

Giving your customers a view behind the curtain is so important for creating connection and building relationships. This is the type of content that nurtures long-term followers, loyalty, and investment into your brand.


For the same reasons as above, showing your personality is so important! You can do this though humor, your tone of voice, and even more-so in your stories. This is the kind of content keeps people interested in YOU.

Tell a story.

Humans are hard wired to lean into stories. Or brains LOVE them. That’s why we have a hard time taking a bathroom break at the movies, dealing with commercials during our shows, and putting a book down mid-chapter! Telling stories is a great way to keep your audience engaged with your post for longer periods of time. Just be sure to mix in short form content as well so your audience doesn’t start to see your posts and think, “I don’t have time for this one today!”

If you consistently show up with a fresh mix of how and what you’re posting, you will see more and more success over time as your social media strategy continues to evolve and improve.

BONUS: Need a little help with your content now that you have the framework? Click below for our free “Social Media Content Strategy” worksheet,  complete with extra action items and bonus pro tips.