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Content ideas for your social media strategy.

By May 2, 2020No Comments
social media content ideas
social media content ideas

The most important component of any social media strategy is the actual content.

You may have downloaded our social media content strategy, but what happened when you got to the actual content ideas? Did you draw a blank? Did you write a bunch of vague ideas with no real context?

Here’s how to determine the best content ideas for the best results.

  1. First, make a list of your ideal audience’s pain points. Think about what specifically keeps them up at night.
  2. Then, make a list of your ideal audience’s pleasure points. Think about what they want more than anything.

If you find yourself getting too vague in your list, try to think of actual search terms your audience would Google in relation to their pain points and pleasure points.

From there, just keep listing ideas. Don’t worry about the quality of your ideas, just write them all down. This is an excellent exercise because even the bad ideas can spur great ones. Exhaust every possibility for a meaningful connection with your audience.

Once you have your big lists, start to pick out the strongest ideas.

Which pain and pressure points align with your message, product, or service the most? As you pick the best content ideas from your lists, you can start to place them in the appropriate brand pillar section of your social media content strategy worksheet.

Once you start to utilize these ideas, take notice to how your audience responds. Did you get more than usual likes, comments, clicks, or messages on a particular topic? If so, explore more ideas related to that. Did a topic totally bomb? Maybe try a different angle before giving up on that idea all together.

Remember, social media is ever-changing so you’ll have to stay engaged for the best results.

You’ll only ever reach a fraction of your audience at any given time. Each platform is constantly adjusting their algorithm to suit their own business, not yours.

To figure out what really works, you’ll have to keep testing your content ideas in different ways until it’s tried and true. The positive side to an ever changing social media landscape is that along the way you’ll get to know your audience much better and your content will become much better as a result.

Keep sharing your message… the best is yet to come!

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