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Best Free File Sharing Tool Around –

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I have recently installed the Dropbox file sharing tool and it has continues to blow me away. Dropbox is easy to set up and very easy to use, and too good not to share! So let’s get into it…

Dropbox in a nutshell

1. Allows you to securely share files between multiple computers, on or off your network by simply accessing a folder on your computer.

2. Lets you securely share files publicly via a simple link.

3. Lets you create photo galleries and share them with whomever you want (wither they have a Dropbox account or not)

4. Allows you to access your files from any computer with an internet connection

5. No ftp required

6. No login required (unless you are accessing your files from a different computer)

How Dropbox works

Once you download Dropbox and create an account, a folder is installed on your computer called My Dropbox. By default the My Dropbox folder is placed in your Documents folder. You can place the folder anywhere you would like by simply specifying a location during the simple install.

Now that you install is complete you can copy and paste or simply drag the files you would like to share into your My Dropbox folder. When a file is placed into a My Dropbox folder it is instantly and securely uploaded to the Dropbox server under your account.

To share files between multiple computers, simply install Dropbox on any computer that you would like to share files between. During the install it will ask you if you already have an account, select this option and enter you login information and continue with the install. Once the install is complete the same thing will happen, a My Dropbox folder will be placed on the computer. Now when you add or remove files to the My Dropbox folder it will automatically update the My Dropbox folders that you have installed on any other computers! It’s that simple!

To access your files from any public computer, go to and login. Now you will have access to all your uploaded files and have the ability to upload more.


2GB of sharing space – Free

50GB of sharing space – $9.99 a month

100GB of sharing space – $19.99 a month

*Note – For every referral you get to join Dropbox, they will give you both 250 MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 3 GB)!

Where to get started…

To sign up now click the following here.

To take a tour of Dropbox click here.

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