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6 tips for writing a better newsletter.

By March 5, 2019No Comments
write a better newsletter
write a better newsletter

The thing about newsletters is that people are bombarded by them daily. If you want to keep subscribers or more importantly, keep their attention, you need to keep these six tips in mind.


1. Get Personal.

You can easily personalize your newsletters by adding the readers name to the newsletter body. People like seeing their names. Most newsletter platforms provide the ability to insert “merge tags”. Using a merge tag to pull in the reader’s name allows you to personalize throughout your newsletter content.


2. Create USEFUL content.

Sending your readers information that isn’t helpful is the fastest way to grow your unsubscribe list. Make sure that your newsletter contains relevant and useful information. Lists, how-to’s, and reviews all work well for content. Sometimes informational content works if it is relevant to the reader.

Think about your audience, what do they need to make their lives or work easier or even happier? Great topics can come from questions your readers are asking you regularly.


3. Build a relationship.

Readers want to be understood. If you can relate to your audience in a way that makes sense, they will be more connected with you and your brand. You’ve heard it before, people like to do business and buy from people they like.

The fastest way to get be liked is to get real. Be authentic, share a little about yourself to connect with your audience, it will help reduce unsubscribes and increase your following.


4. Keep it short and sweet.

Be sure to keep your newsletter short and to the point. The intent of the newsletter is to capture your reader’s attention and move them to take action. If your newsletter is too long, readers will move on. Even if they save it to read later…you’ve lost them.


5. Talk to your reader, not at them.

When writing the content for your newsletters think of it as a conversation. Your newsletter should read like you speak. Using a natural, conversational tone is far more engaging than creating content that is stiff and business-like.

Your tone should reflect your brand. One of the most effective words to use is “you”. Practice speaking directly with your readers – you’ll have a better response rate.


6. Images are effective.

Relevant images throughout the content of your email will help the reader better understand the message and will give the eye a place to rest.

If your newsletter contains multiple topics, use images to separate the topics. Images that spark interest will keep readers engaged.


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