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5 Business Tips for Surviving COVID Restrictions.

By June 29, 2020July 3rd, 2020No Comments

Here in Arizona, we’re in the COVID hotspot. Our businesses are in constant limbo of closing, changing policies, navigating restrictions, and for some of us – closing again.

A lot of business have found themselves in survival mode and some have even had to close for good. But the ones who are relentless in thier pursuit of creative problem solving, will create thriving businesses and customer loyalty that will last well into the future.

Consider how you can implement these 5 tips in your own business to survive new COVID restrictions:


Focus on what you CAN do.

You CAN be consistent in your messaging across online platforms so customers don't have to guess (or give up) when it comes to doing business with you. You CAN create new (timely!) lead magnets to keep building your email list. You CAN make a lifestyle change to reinvest into your business.

Get back to basics.

Recall the passion that stirred your business into existence. It's okay if the WAY you do business looks different now. You can still achieve the "what" and "why" behind your business if you have an open mind to try new ways of achieving the same goal. Rediscover your passion and go all in!

Be inventive.

The worst thing you can do is give up because of a new roadblock. Instead, think of work arounds or alternate ways to serve your customers. I've seen businesses forced to do business in different ways get even bigger results than they would have doing it the old way! You might even find that current alternatives may turn into constant additions to your business.

Evolve to meet your customers where they are NOW.

Liquis would not exist today if it weren't for evolution. We opened our doors in the middle of the 2008 recession and that taught us a lot about survival. To stay open, grow, and ultimately thrive – we had to evolve our services with the new needs of our clients as the digital marketing landscape changed. How can you stand out in the midst of how customer behaviors are changing? How can you meet your customer's needs better than your competition right now?

Use your social media and email platforms to create omnipresence.

People remember businesses that keep showing up. Let your customers know that you're still here, and ready to serve them. Let them know that you sympathize with their situation. Tell them all the ways they can achieve a better life through your product or service EVERY DAY via social media posts, stories, interactions, and consistent email campaigns aimed not at selling, but at guiding your audience toward that better life your product or service will help them create. Pro Tip: If you haven't defined why your product or service is life-changing, make that your top priority! People don't care about the ins and outs of what you're selling, they care about how it can help them.
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