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2 juicy lead magnet ideas

By February 9, 2023No Comments

Here are 2 juicy lead magnet ideas you probably have thought of yet.

These are going to help you double your conversions in 2023.  If you don’t know providing a lead magnet is a great way to attract new potential customers.  It’s basically where you provide some sort of value in exchange for an email so that you can keep a conversation going.  

A typical lead magnet is a downloadable PDF, like a checklist or something.  But these 2 other ideas are going to change your game! 

The first one is quizzes. You can simply create a form using a tool like Typeform where you ask specific questions and then have it return specific results based on their answers. 

The second one is Timed Challenges. Basically they sign up for a 5 days of value delivered through email. Like 5 days to a new you, where the next 5 days they receive an email with some sort of value helping them improve.

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