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Liquis Digital: The lifespan of a website.
Liquis Digital: The lifespan of a website.

You know that your website is NUMERO UNO in your marketing lineup, right?

It’s the “hub” where all of your conversions start. Potential customers land on your website every day from search engines, social media, and word-of-mouth.

But, is your website capable of closing the deal? How can you tell if your website is too old or out of date to its job?

Here’s a quick test.

  1. Do all the pages on your website load quickly and properly?
  2. Does your website work seamlessly on mobile devices?
  3. Do all of your forms work?
  4. Does your home page clearly and plainly tell your audience how you can improve their life?
  5. Does your website have call-to-actions so that you can collect leads to nurture into sales?
  6. Do you think “white space” is important?
  7. Do you know what “white space” is?

Hopefully, you didn’t answer no to all of the questions, but even if you did, there’s still hope for your lost soul. (Ha!)

You still have domain authority.

You see, your out-of-date website has been gaining authority on search engines simply for aging. The technical term for this is “domain authority.”

The best part about having an old website, is that when you replace it, not only do you keep your domain authority, but search engines (such as Google) LOVE new, mobile friendly (also called “responsive”) updates under an aging domain. (A domain name is your .com, .org, etc. website name.)

What can “search engine love” do for you?

So, so much. But to put it simply, new changes to your old website will help increase visibility, place you higher in organic searches, and drive more traffic to your fresh website.

Now go back to the list above and if you had a “no” next to any of the questions, start addressing them from the top down to get your digital act together and attract more customers!

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