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Our process for Web & graphic design development

By April 23, 2010December 16th, 2014No Comments
Our process for Web & graphic design development

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This pic shows how we go about putting a mockup together… It all starts with some pencil (and a lot of erasers) until we’ve got a solid idea and then Brad works his magic. Okay… so down to the nitty gritty. Here’s how we do things around here:


First, we listen.

This is the most crucial step in the process. We listen to your needs and visions so that we can define the goals of the project together.

Then, we visualize.

We take everything we know about the project and develop visual mockups to communicate the objective. By working with you through this process, we finalize the goal.

Next, we create.

The finalized mockup is developed into a masterpiece and fine tuned until all expectations are met. For Web projects, we provide a link to the staging center so that you can view the work in progress.

Finally, we deliver.

Web sites go live for the whole world to marvel at, collateral is printed and logos are provided with every type of file need for use on anything from business cards to billboards. Plus, you own all the work and we’ll even give you the native files when we’re done.


As you can tell… the design and development phase has just a single mention. That’s because we like to get it right the first time and it takes a little working together first to get to that point. Each step is dependent on the previous one. For example, we couldn’t create spot-on mockups without listening to our clients first and defining the goals of the project. Now that I think about it… we’ve never had to start over on a new mockup even though we don’t charge for that.

So now I’m curious… what processes work best for you and what would you change about ours?

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