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How marketing companies are screwing you

By December 22, 2022No Comments

This how some big marketing agencies are screwing you.

I see this a lot in Niche industries. Such as Dental.

Basically they just plug you into their automated system and now your business is just another cookie cutter template.

There are at least 5 dental offices in my immediate area using this marking company, and have the exact same website, same exact pointless useless social posts, and the same exact ads… That these offices are all paying for to get them results.

And so what, who cares, if it works it work.

Here’s the problem, it doesn’t work! And here’s why.

As a potential patient to anyone of these offices… I see one of the offices ads, as I have. I see the name, I see the ad, the offer, checkout the website. Cool.

Now I see the ad again, and I associate it to the first office I saw. Because that’s how remarketing works.

The problem is that second ad was for one of these other 4 dentists. But I’m associating it to the first dentist I saw.

So all the marketing and ad spend these other 4 offices are spending for me to see these ads are driving their potential patients to their competitors.

So not only are they just throwing money away, they are actually paying money to drive patients to their competitors.

Oh also, as soon as they stop paying this company, it all goes away, it all disappears, everything, They’ve get to start all over.

The point is you have to be unique in your marketing. At the bare minimum don’t sign up to be a cookie cutter company.

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