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Getting Google Guaranteed

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Getting Google Guaranteed – Show Notes

If you’re a local service-based business, Getting Google Guaranteed is a must.

Since implementing this for some of our local service-based clients, they’ve seen an astronomical increase in business.

In this episode, I’m going over everything you need to know about getting Google Guaranteed.

Discussion Topics:


Businesses Eligible for Google Guarantee

Animal shelter
Appliance repair
Bankruptcy lawyer
Beauty school
Business lawyer
Carpet cleaning
Child care
Contract lawyer
Countertop pro
Criminal lawyer
Dance instructor
Disability lawyer
Driving instructor
Dui lawyer
Estate lawyer
Family lawyer
Fencing pro
Financial planner
First aid trainer
Flooring pro
Foundation pro
Funeral home

Garage door pro
General contractor
Home inspector
Home security
Home theater
House cleaner
Immigration lawyer
Ip lawyer
Junk removal
Labor lawyer
Language instructor
Lawn care
Litigation Lawyer
Malpractice lawyer
Massage school
Personal injury lawyer
Personal trainer
Pest control
Pet adoption

Pet boarding
Pet grooming
Pet trainer
Pool cleaner
Pool contractor
Real estate agent
Real estate lawyer
Sewage pro
Siding pro
Snow removal
Tax lawyer
Tax specialist
Traffic lawyer
Tree service
Water damage
Weight loss service
Window cleaner
Window repair
Yoga instructor

How to Get Google Guaranteed: A Comprehensive Guide for Local Service Based Businesses

getting google guaranteed


If you’re a local service-based business, getting Google Guaranteed is a must. Since implementing this for some of our clients, they’ve seen an astronomical increase in business. In this blog post, I’m going to walk you through everything you need to know about getting Google Guaranteed and how it can benefit your business.

What is Google Guaranteed?

Google Guaranteed is a certification program created by Google to increase customer confidence in local businesses. Once you sign up for this service and get your business verified, you not only get a special checkmark next to your name on Google but also gain the ability to run special local service ads. These ads will greatly increase your visibility and put your business front and center in front of your competitors.

Benefits of Getting Google Guaranteed

Being verified on Google and getting Google Guaranteed has several benefits for your business and your customers. Firstly, it adds trust and credibility to your business. When potential customers see that you’ve been verified by Google, it gives you an extra edge of credibility online. Secondly, it gets you in front of your competitors. Google will prioritize your business and display your information prominently, ensuring that customers see you first.

But it’s not just the businesses that benefit from this program; customers also reap rewards. If a customer is unsatisfied with the quality of work provided by a Google Guaranteed business, Google is ready to reimburse the cost of the initial service. This built-in insurance program protects both the customer and the business, providing peace of mind for all parties involved.

Who is Eligible for Getting Google Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, not all businesses are eligible for Google Guaranteed. However, there are a wide range of local service-based businesses that are eligible. Here are some examples: acupuncturists, animal shelters, lawyers, landscapers, financial planners, flooring professionals, first aid trainers, funeral homes, handymen, home inspectors, HVAC technicians, junk removal services, veterinarians, water damage professionals, weight loss services, yoga instructors, pool cleaners, plumbers, and many more. If you’re a local service-based business, there’s a good chance that your business falls within the eligible categories.

Is it Worth Getting Google Guaranteed?

Absolutely! From my experience, businesses that have gone through the process of getting Google Guaranteed have greatly benefited. The increased trust and credibility, as well as the enhanced visibility, can have a significant impact on your business growth. I highly recommend taking the necessary steps to become Google Guaranteed.

Cost of Getting Google Guaranteed:

Getting verified on Google is free. However, to fully leverage the services and benefits of Google Guaranteed, you’ll need to run ads to get in front of people. These ads come at a cost, and you’ll pay per lead instead of per click. Depending on your business and budget, you can adjust your lead generation budget. I’ve seen businesses spend as low as $25 per week and still generate qualified leads.

How Long Does it Take to Get Google Verified?

Once you’ve provided all the required documentation, it can take up to two to five weeks to get verified. So it’s important to plan accordingly and be patient during the verification process. While it may take some time, it’s definitely worth the wait to unlock the benefits of Google Guaranteed.

How to Get Google Guaranteed

To get Google Guaranteed, follow these steps:

1. Visit the following URL:
2. Fill out all the required forms. Google Screening and verification process.
3. Prepare the necessary documentation, such as proof of liability insurance, driver’s license, business insurance, and business licenses.
4. Be prepared to provide specific documents relevant to your business category, such as licenses for physical therapists.
5. Submit all the required information and wait for the verification process to be completed.

Once you’re verified, you’ll have access to your dashboard, where you can control various aspects of your ads, including budget, locations, services, and even adding images to your ads. Customers will be able to call or message you directly from the ads, and you’ll receive notifications from the Google system to respond promptly to inquiries. Additionally, if you receive spam leads, you can request reimbursement for those, ensuring that you only pay for genuine and qualified leads.

What are the differences between Local Service Ads and Google Ads?

Local Service Ads and Google Ads are two distinct advertising platforms provided by Google. Local Service Ads are specifically designed for businesses in the service industry, aiming to generate leads. On the other hand, Google Ads have a broader scope and are open to a wider range of advertisers, including those outside the service industry.

One key difference between the two is the targeting and reach. Local Service Ads are more limited in their visibility, as they only appear on Google search query pages and have restricted keyword options. In contrast, Google Ads offer greater flexibility and can appear across various platforms such as Google search pages, websites, YouTube, Google Maps, and more.

Another significant distinction lies in the customization options and data tracking capabilities. Local Service Ads have limited personalization features, whereas Google Ads provide more options for customization, allowing advertisers to run multiple campaigns with a variety of keywords. Additionally, Google Ads offer more in-depth data-driven insights, including impressions, clicks, and conversions, enabling advertisers to track performance and optimize their campaigns more effectively.

In summary, while both Local Service Ads and Google Ads are Google’s advertising solutions, they differ in terms of target audience, visibility, customization options, and data tracking features. Advertisers should consider these differences when choosing the most suitable platform for their advertising goals.

What is the impact of the Google Guarantee on companies offering home services?

The Google Guarantee has a substantial impact on companies that offer home services by enhancing trust and reputation among current and potential customers. By receiving the Google Guarantee seal of approval, businesses signal to consumers that they are trustworthy and reliable service providers. This seal serves as a significant differentiator, giving Google Guaranteed companies a competitive edge over those without the Guarantee. Customers place a high value on trust and security when allowing service providers into their homes or offices, and the Google Guarantee provides that assurance. Ultimately, the Google Guarantee not only helps companies maintain trust with existing customers but also enables them to quickly build a positive reputation in new service areas.

What are the benefits of having the Google Guarantee for businesses?

Having the Google Guarantee for businesses comes with several key benefits. Firstly, it provides customers with a sense of trust and confidence in the service provider they are inviting into their premises. This trust is essential for the success of any business offering home services as customers value quality of service and the character of service providers.

Furthermore, the Google Guarantee serves as a powerful tool for businesses to build and maintain a positive reputation in various service areas. By displaying the Google Guarantee seal, a company signals to potential customers that they are reliable and trustworthy, setting them apart from competitors who do not have this endorsement.

Overall, the Google Guarantee not only helps in gaining the trust of existing customers but also acts as a form of security for prospective customers. This assurance offered by Google can greatly enhance a business’s credibility and competitiveness in the market, making it a valuable asset for companies within the home services industry.


Getting Google Guaranteed is a game-changer for local service-based businesses. The increased trust, visibility, and ability to run targeted ads can give your business a significant boost. Although the process may require some effort and time, the benefits far outweigh the initial investment. So, if you’re a local service-based business, I highly recommend exploring the possibilities of Google Guaranteed and taking the necessary steps to get verified.

Thank you for reading this comprehensive guide on how to get Google Guaranteed for your business. If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Don’t forget to subscribe to our blog for more valuable insights and stay updated with the latest marketing strategies.

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