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Don’t do this when hiring Creators!

By February 6, 2023February 7th, 2023No Comments

This is the top mistake people make when they are looking to hire creators or influencers for TikToks and Reels.

Almost always people look at the number of followers a creator or influencer has. And not that this is wrong, but the problem with this is:

With the way that TikTok and Reels work is, every video you post is being shown to a brand new audience… Not just their followers.

So when looking for creators you want to look at the average number of views their videos get.

Along with how much interaction their posts get.  Now yes, typically if someone has a lot of followers their getting really good views as well.

The advantage of paying attention to the number of views per view is it will allow you to find the hidden gen creators!

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