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We found our “Cause to Design” and his name is Ben.

By September 25, 2013Giving Back

Today marks the first day we begin work with Benjamin Lunak. You may not know him yet, but he’s famous to me. It all started when an entry video was sent in for our annual A Cause to Design program where we award a local cause with a pro bono website.

I was in tears watching his video. He is amazing! Ben is a CrossFitting Marine who is working on launching a motivational movement about “never giving up” – all the while living this motto by doing CrossFit with only one leg.

You probably know that CrossFit is hardcore. Everyone here at Liquis Design drank the CrossFit Kool-Aid and we know that means pure, momentary suffering with the end result being all the feelings that come with knowing “I JUST DID THAT.” I can only think about how much harder it must be for Ben to do everything, especially CrossFit, and do it with everyone watching. He keeps going, does things people with two legs can’t do, and it inspires people.

But it’s not just about CrossFit. He’s a retired marine with a war story. Coming from a military family, my heart just went out to him for what he endured, and what he came back from. Every day he makes the decision to keep going.

I just know he’ll do great things as he starts this journey of inspiring others with his motivational presentations and coaching. I even think we’ll get more out of this experience than he does.

Jackie Ball

Hi my name is Jackie, I’m the General Manager at Liquis Design. I can’t imagine this job title being any more fun than it is here at Liquis... Unless our office building allowed razor scooters, of course.

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