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Stop using Internet Explorer!

By October 21, 2010December 16th, 2014Web Design

I BAN IEhate to shout, but this darn browser is a tad frustrating. Internet Explorer, a.k.a. IE, can be a real pain to optimize a website for and there are even designers who won’t optimize for the browser at all.

Of course, being the customer service aficionados we are, we slave over our computers and code to make sure our sites pull up consistent on all the main browsers. Safari, Firefox and Google Chrome are all good little browsers, but the evil step child that is IE always throws a monkey wrench into things.

For all you IE fanatics, give Firefox a try. It’s not a huge change and coming from a long-time IE user, the menus are similar in a good way and everything just looks better, how it should.

You can thank me later 🙂

Brad Ball

Brad Ball

Hey there, I’m Brad, the design and development director here at Liquis, and I can say without a doubt that I am living the dream. The best part of what I do is knowing that I am actually helping people bring their own dreams to reality.


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