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Neat jQuery examples and tutorials… Yay!

By October 30, 2009December 16th, 2014No Comments

jQueryBlogImagejQuery is a JavaScript library that allows Web designers and developers to incorporate simple animations, handle events and add AJAX interactions with just a few lines of code. One of the main benefits, besides the use of more efficient code, is that designers/developers can incorporate more information into a Web page and still keep the aesthetics of a clean and snappy interface. To find out more on how to use and incorporate jQuery into your web projects start here. I have also included some links to examples and tutorials to what I feel are very useful jQuery tools below. Let the fun begin!



Forms and Functionality

Submit a form without having to refreshing the page

Login form with cool slider effect

AJAX file upload

jQuery IE6 png transparency fix


Photo tools and Manipulation

Cool jQuery thumbnail photo gallery

Fancy thumbnail hover-over effect using jQuery

Hover Image magnifier

Using jQuery to scroll through images with a fade transition

Cool jQuery sliders

Sliding boxes

jQuery upload and crop

jQuery virtual tour

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