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LockedDoc hits the Web

By September 20, 2010December 16th, 2014No Comments

Our latest project to hit the Web.

Client: LockedDoc

LockedDoc copy

This was something “they” said couldn’t be done. Well we did it and it’s spreading across the US like wildfire since its launch on September 15.  This project started out as an idea that LockedDoc founder Bryan Beasler brought to the table with confidence. We knew it was a fantastic concept once Andy and I analyzed and developed a work flow.

As most large projects do, the site started to take a life of its own and as I uncovered new considerations, Bryan was always on board to take the time to meet and test the site in progress. There became only one mutual goal between myslef and Bryan, to make sure the site served its purpose… timelines, budgets and regular work hours went out the window.

Now, as the site seamlessly lives and grows, Bryan has been asked to present LockedDoc to many key decision makers and investors who are eager to be a part it. Our job here is done.

Actually, it’s not. More fantastic LockedDoc features are in the works!

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