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Where to find the best leads for your business

By October 12, 2022October 16th, 2022Podcast Episodes

Show Notes

Leads are the lifeline to your business, that’s no secret.

It’s also no secret that leads are not created equal!

In this episode, we’re discussing where you can find the best leads for your business.

Discussion Topics:

  • Understanding the different types of leads
  • Why referrals are the best leads
  • How to get more referrals
  • How to build the right type of partnerships to scale your business


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Where to find the best leads for your business

EP78 Transcript

[00:00:00] Leads are the lifeline to your business. That’s no secret. It’s also no secret that leads are not created equal. In this episode, we’re discussing where you can find the best leads for your business.

[00:00:55] Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Liquis Digital Marketing Podcast. Today we are talking about leads. Where you can find the best leads for your business. So before we jump into my recommendation for finding the best leads and how you can go about doing so, let’s get a little understanding real quick on some different types of leads and some.

[00:01:17] Different levels of leads. So let’s first talk about understanding the different types of lead levels that we typically refer to in marketing, and that is cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads. This is probably nothing new to here. I’m sure you’ve heard of cold leads, warm leads, and hot leads, but just in case you haven’t, let’s just cover it real quickly.

[00:01:36] A cold leads is someone who. Doesn’t know about you or is just learning about you. There is not any trust or credibility build. They’re just learning. They don’t have anything about you that they know or they can know, like, and trust you, right? So they’re cold lead. The next level is warm leads, right? So these are leads that do have some trust or in some way you have some credibility with them.

[00:02:01] Maybe you’re referred. Saw your website. They’ve seen you about, maybe they saw you speaking, whatever. So there’s some warmness. Maybe they, they’ve downloaded something and now have received some emails from you, right? So they’ve warmed up, they know about your services, they know they have a problem, They know that you have a solution to this problem.

[00:02:21] So there’s somewhere in that world. And then the next level up is a hot lead, right? So these people are, they’re ready to sign on. They maybe are just, Check into final boxes, like, are you the right person? They’re doing their due diligence, they’re getting their pricing, they’re looking at other options, but they’re, they’re ready to convert.

[00:02:39] Right? So those are hot leads. So that’s lead levels. All right, so the next piece is different types of leads. You have your organic leads. So organic lead would be someone who just kinda stumbles upon you. So maybe they went to, went to Google and did a search and, and came across your website and visited your website, and just kinda learning more about who you are and what you do.

[00:03:00] That’s an organic lead social. So maybe they found you on social, just scrolling through and saw one of your videos or one of your posts and clicked down the link on your bio and went and filled out a form, sent you a dm. So that’s an organic lead. Or maybe you have a brick and mortar location and they just drove by and stopped in.

[00:03:19] Right? Again, that’s organic. Okay. The next type is paid. We’re probably all familiar with this. So we have online ads, so Google ads. So maybe they searched for you and saw your ad and came there through an ad, or there is social ad. So Facebook ads, Instagram ads. So basically you paid to get this lead, so that’s a paid lead, and then you have.

[00:03:41] Referrals. Referrals are obviously when someone you’ve worked with in the past or someone who knows you, knows your lead and then refers you to them, right? So this is a referral. So which types are the best? Well, obviously hot or warm leads and out of the organic paid and referral leads. I think we could all agree.

[00:04:04] Referrals are some of the best leads you will ever get in your business. They already come to you with trust. They already come to you with credibility. They’ve been referred to someone they trust, right? So you’re already in a good seat. So referrals. So what’s a problem though, with referrals In a business, if you’re solely dependent on referrals, then you’re gonna be writing the referral rollercoaster.

[00:04:32] And I have ridden this for years myself, and basically it looks like this. You get a job in, obviously, depending on what you’re offering, You get a job in, you get a customer, and that was a referral. Great. And then you wait for another referral, and then you get another one. Get another one. Great. You get that done and then you just never know, right?

[00:04:54] You never know when that next referral is coming in. So let’s talk about how we can get more referrals because they are the best types of leads. They require the least amount of work. Well, I can’t say that a hundred percent because they, What I’m gonna go over does require a little bit of doing, right?

[00:05:14] However, leads are the best for your business. So let’s talk about how we can get more of these and. Saying that you should only focus on these referrals. What I’m saying is, is this is just one aspect. I think you should focus on referrals. I think you should focus on organic, and I think you should focus on paid.

[00:05:30] However, a lot of people don’t focus on referrals. It’s just something that happens naturally. So let’s focus on referrals and see how we can get more referrals. So how we’re gonna do that is by utilizing what we call referral partners. So basically what a referral partner is, is someone who already has the trust of the people that you wanna work with.

[00:05:52] So typically in your industry, who is already working with your customer, but in a different way, right? Basically what you wanna do is partner with them. So how do we do that? How do we just, Okay, I’ve identified this person and now what do I do? So first off, you had to properly identify this person. So what I would recommend is create a referral partner avatar.

[00:06:17] So define who this person is, what type of person. Where are they hanging out? What type of business are they, You know, what way are they assisting or helping or connecting with your potential customers? What do they need help with? So identify these things and then what you’re gonna do is you’re going to find communities out there where these people, your referral partners are hanging out.

[00:06:42] Not necessarily your customers, your referral partners, right? So right now we’re just talking about people who work with your customers. So where are these people? What communities are they in? Maybe they’re CPAs. You know what, If you think about it, business coaches or people that your customers in your industry would go to and trust and have a pulse on the li livelihood of their business.

[00:07:10] So let’s say you partner with a CPA that is working in your industry and they have a pulse on their financials and can recommend, Hey, you know what, If you wanna take your business to the next level, I recommend doing some marketing. So here’s a great company that I would re. If you’re looking to do that, you don’t.

[00:07:30] That’s an example for us, right? So who are these people? So wouldn’t you identify that? Where are they hanging out? What community are they in? What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna start liking, you’re gonna start commenting. You’re gonna start interacting with all of their posts outside of this community.

[00:07:46] Right. So you’re first gonna find out who they are in this community, and then you’re gonna go start getting friending them outside of it. Start making them see your face, your avatar. Make sure that your face is in your profile pictures. Make sure your name is in there. Make it recognizable. You’re kind of creating this brand, this connection.

[00:08:06] So that way they’re like, Oh, hey, here’s this Brad guy. He keeps commenting and liking my stuff. Who is he? What is he doing? You know? And now I see him over here. Oh, oh, he’s in my community. Okay. , cool. You’re connecting outside that community. You’re like, you’re really using social media, how it’s intended to be used, what you’re gonna do, and you’re also like commenting, right?

[00:08:23] So you’re interacting with them on social. Now, you’re also gonna do that inside the community for everyone, right? So you’re just in that community where they’re in and they’re seeing you help everyone. They’re just the helpful resource in this community. And they’re like, This guy is gold, right? He’s a, I see him out here now.

[00:08:42] He’s in my community helping everybody out. Now they’re getting awareness of who you are. So you’re really using social media just like it’s meant to be used. Now, keep in mind, where a lot of people go wrong with this is they sell themselves. They wanna be, look at me, look at what I do. None of that, none of that.

[00:08:59] All you’re doing is helping. You’re communicating, you’re connecting. You’re just being a friend. A true fan of them not trying to sell. Right. So a lot of times you have to really get your mindset and your intention correct. When you go into this, you really need to focus on just being a connector, a true friend.

[00:09:22] So now what you’re gonna do is once you have been interacting with them for a while and you’ve been building this relationship and you’re kind of like on everyone’s mind and you’re interacting with them and you give them value over a period of time, then you ask them if it’s okay for you to refer them people.

[00:09:46] Right? So you’re not asking for their referral. , you’re asking them if you can refer them people and now you’ve created this relationship. Yeah, of course you can refer people, you know, Hey, is there anyone I can refer to? Like they are gonna feel, you know, inclined to now refer back to you. It’s just the nature of what we do.

[00:10:05] So really that is it. That is the referral partners. So going out there, finding who these people are and being intentional about creating that relationship. And once you get a few and then they’re not all gold, right? Once you get one or two or three that are like referring you customers, you’re gonna sit back and you’re gonna be like, Wow, why did I not do this sooner?

[00:10:29] Because you’re just gonna have this flow of incoming customers coming in. Now again, the referrals, you don’t know when they’re coming in, you don’t have a whole lot of control over it, right? So that’s why I always do recommend still focus on organic and paid, um, to get that traffic in. If you know you can.

[00:10:45] So, but the referral partners, you’re getting referrals already. You already know that they’re the best customers for you. So let’s be intentional with how you can get more of. All right. I hope you found this helpful. If you did, please share with your friends. I would love to have a review on our podcast.

[00:11:02] And of course, you know, subscribe to the YouTube channel if you’re watching this on video. And I would like to invite you to our Facebook group. So basically our Facebook group is our private group where I do lives. I dig deeper into these episodes. I do additional trainings. It’s all revolving around marketing websites, lead gen business.

[00:11:24] So it’s a place for us to connect one-on-one outside of these podcasts. Um, I would love to see you there. It’s called the Motivated Business Owners, uh, Growing Your Business online. And I’ll leave a link to it in the show notes. It’s full of other motivated business owners just like you. So I would love to see you there and until next time.

[00:11:42] Have a great day. Thanks for listening in today. I hope you enjoyed the show. And hey, if you did, please take a second to leave a review and share this episode with someone who you think might also benefit from it. I appreciate you so much, and as always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions about this episode or want to talk strategy with us about your own project, just shoot us an email to info Liquis Digital dot com and we’ll catch you in the next episode.

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