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What to say to attract the right customers

By October 6, 2022October 12th, 2022Podcast Episodes

Show Notes

Missing this one thing could be the reason why you’re not getting new customers (or the right customers) in your business.

No matter what you do in your marketing efforts, you’re always going to struggle until you get this figured out.

In this episode, we’re going over what to say to attract the right customers.

Discussion Topics:

  • Clarifying your messaging
  • Defining your Distinctive Messaging Statement
  • Finding your Central Belief Solution
  • Finding your ultimate outcome


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What to say to attract the right customers

[00:00:00] Missing this one thing could be the reason why you’re not getting new customers and the right customers into your business. And no matter what you do in your marketing efforts, you’re always going to struggle until you get this figured out. In this episode, we’re going over what to say to attract the right customers.

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[00:01:02] Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Liquis Digital Marketing Podcast. In this episode, we are talking about what to say to attract the right customers. What we’re gonna go over really is clarifying your messaging, the messaging you’re using in your blog post, on your website, in your social media post, and your social bios everywhere.

[00:01:27] Once we go over how to clarify your messaging, it’s really going to hone in. Who you help, how you help them, and why they should care. So we’re gonna break this down into three parts, but first, let’s talk about clarifying your messaging. So what is the point of clarifying your messaging? So messaging is how you are going to articulate what you do in a way that can tells the right people to take action.

[00:01:57] So that is the purpose of clarifying your messaging. It’s getting crystal clear on what you do, who you do it for. And why they should care. Step one in this is to define your distinctive messaging statement. So don’t confuse this though, with your mission, right? So a lot of times some people will get this confused with like, Oh, our mission is to, you know, do this.

[00:02:22] So your messaging statement is not about you. It’s about them. Whereas your mission is about you. Your mission is what’s driving you to do what you do, right? Where your message is completely separate from that. Your message is what and how you communicate online in your marketing, in your sales, on your client calls everywhere.

[00:02:45] So it should be super clear. It should hopefully try to create a sense of like, fomo, right? The fear of missing out, uh, like, you know, they need your services, right? Like, we wanna create the messaging to be magnetic. We want people to be drawn towards you. So that fear of missing out. Factor. And it’s not about you, it’s about what you can do for them, right?

[00:03:10] So it’s about them. So we’re gonna define your distinctive messaging statement, and here’s the formula. So first off, it needs to be, again, who it is for. It needs to include what they are struggling with and. What they want instead. So here’s the formula. It’s gonna be I work with, insert this type of person who is struggling with, insert this specific problem and wants to insert, have this result instead.

[00:03:43] So I’ve been working on a few on our end just to kinda get some examples. So like, for example, we work with business owners. Who struggle to get steady stream of customers to grow and scale their business. Just wanna sleep at night, not having to worry about if they have more customers coming in. Here’s another example.

[00:04:05] I work with family dental practices who struggle to get and keep quality patients and want peace of mind in knowing they have a study flow of patients so they can focus on dentistry. There’s like a couple examples, right? So use that formula. For yourself to create your own distinctive messaging statement, and now you’re gonna take this statement and you’re gonna go to your website and you’re gonna go to your social bios and you’re going to use this statement there.

[00:04:32] You’re gonna make sure that you have that cuz it’s gonna tell people. That you work with them, you’re gonna identify with them by identifying that with their struggles and their pain points, and you are going to give them the magnetic, Yes, I, this person gets me. I wanna work with them because you are stating the result they’re gonna get by working with you.

[00:04:54] So that’s the distinctive messaging statement. So let’s move on to the next one. So this is the central belief solution. So basically this is what do they need to know or understand about you to know or feel that your services are the answer. What do they need to understand in order for them to say, Oh yes, they totally get me.

[00:05:18] Now, once you’re clear on what this is, it’s really gonna be the central theme of everything you do. So it’s gonna be all what you put in your blog post, in your social media post, and your lead magnets in your website copy. It’s what do they need to understand? What is the problem they need to understand, and what do they need to know about you or your services?

[00:05:39] In order for them to take that action. So that is a central belief solution. So work through those, like think about that, answer these questions like what do they need to believe in order to feel your services are the answer. Come up with the answer to this question, and this will be your central belief solution.

[00:05:59] This will be what they need to know or believe in order to work with you or want to work with you or feel that your services are what they need. The next one and final one is defining the ultimate. So this is the why should they even give a shit factor, right? Like why should they even care? All they really care about is what’s in it for them.

[00:06:23] Just like you. All you care about is what’s in it for you, just like me. So that’s just how we are. What’s in it for them? So if someone came to you and asked you this question, what am I gonna get out of working with you? Do you have a clear answer to that? Because most people don’t. Most people don’t have that answer, and I would say I have been guilty of that as well.

[00:06:45] So have an answer to that question, and here’s how you’re gonna do it. You need to define what are the values, the beliefs, and the outcomes that they’re gonna get from your services. And your statement should include the so that you can blank. My service is going to give you this outcome, whatever that is, so that you can have these life changing benefits or have these life changing things.

[00:07:18] So this is the ultimate outcome. That is the statement. I’m gonna say one more time, my service is going to give you this outcome so that you can the ultimate outcome. Okay? So your homework is to go back and write these down. Get these down and then work on ’em. Don’t just sit down and just do it once, Like come back to it and do it again, and then come back to it and do it again.

[00:07:44] What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna end up getting more defined. You’re gonna get more clear. You’re gonna reread it, you’re gonna have more ideas. It’s not always gonna come in one setting. So you have to come back to it, create a document, put it on your desktop, and start defining these statements and really work on ’em, and really start paying attention to the conversations that you’re having and the questions that you’re seeing out there, and identifying these things and then start putting them.

[00:08:10] On to your social media platforms, onto your website. Start seeing what resonates with people. Really, once you get this dialed in, it’s really gonna change everything. It’s gonna make your life easier. It’s gonna make your potential customers want to work with you. If you have any questions on this, please let me know.

[00:08:28] We are here to help. Also, with that being said, I would love to invite you to our private Facebook group, and I don’t know that I’ve ever formally done an invite to our Facebook group in this podcast, and I just realized that, so we have a Facebook group if you’re not already in it, that really is kind of dedicated to motivated business owners just like you.

[00:08:49] It’s called motivated business owners, growing your business online, and I think you’re gonna, you would find a ton of value in it. It’s filled. Other motivated business owners just like you. Basically what I do in there is I’ll go and I’ll do lives and dig deeper into these podcast episodes. I’ll just do some additional trainings.

[00:09:07] It’s really revolving around everything, business growth, marketing, website, lead generation, all that related. It’s a place for us to connect one on one outside of these podcasts, and a place for you to connect with other business owners. And I just want to invite you to come check it out and see if it’s for you.

[00:09:24] If you have any questions on this episode, please let me know and we’ll see you in the next episode. Thanks for listening in today. I hope you enjoyed the show. And hey, if you did, please take a second to leave a review and share this episode with someone who you think might also benefit from it. I appreciate you so much, and as always, we’re here to help.

[00:09:41] If you have any questions about this episode or want to talk strategy with us about, Project, just shoot us an email to info Liquis Digital dot com and we’ll catch you in the next episode.

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