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Understanding your audience for better conversions and ad performance.

By May 6, 2021May 12th, 2021No Comments

Show Notes

Most targeted ads are focused on themselves (“look at me! Buy from me!”) instead of their audience (and what’s in it for them!)… This technique can often lead to failed conversions.

In episode03, I’ll walk you though the Buying Cycle and knowing your audience to increase conversions.  Then I’ll show you how to connect with your audience through the Buying Cycle to create the best opportunity for targeted ad conversions.

Key Takeaways

The 5 Stages of the Buying Cycle

  1. Problem Recognition
  2. Info Gathering
  3. Evaluating Solutions
  4. Purchase
  5. Post Purchase

Problem Recognition Stage

Create content that hits your audience’s pain points to help bring awareness to your audience that there is a problem and you have the solution.

Info Gathering Stage

Go more in depth with your content to amplify their problem as well as answer their questions and how you can help.

**BIG TIP**  If you can answer the questions they didn’t know they had; you can position yourself as a trusted advisor to your audience.

Evaluating Solutions

Your content in this stage should highlight why you are the better choice: show social proof, use testimonials, etc.

Purchase Phase

This is when the user switches from researcher to prospect customer. Clearly state your call-to-action! Users don’t necessarily know what you want them to do and when. Make it EASY! Use a clear call-to-action that easily connects or links the customer to exactly where you want them to go (schedule a call, sign up for a free trial, fill out a form, etc.).

Post Purchase

Reach back out to your audience – give them new valuable content such as a thank you email, a subscription reminder email to reorder, new tips or information, etc.

Classify your leads or prospects into categories.

  1. COLD, WARM, and HOT.
  2. Buying Stages 1-2 are COLD traffic.
  3. Buying Stages 3-4 are WARM traffic.
  4. Buying Stage 5 is HOT traffic

Cold Traffic Ads

Focus on brand awareness and recognition.  Bring your problem into awareness and how you can solve that problem for them.  The focus is on THEM not you!

Warm Traffic Ads

Center content around the value YOU bring and what makes YOU the best decision. Use social proof, credibility, testimonials, etc. to build trust with your audience. Your goal is to convert them into buyers by removing their buying objections. Prompt them with a CLEAR and EASY Call To Action.

Hot Traffic Ads

Hot traffic ads should be targeted to current or previous customers that have done a trial or bought from you. The goal is to reconnect for a new purchase or to help them go from a trial to a full service, subscription, or to purchase a higher ticket item.

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