Reason for change.

The Restaurant Expert came to us with a very out dated website full of hodge-podge content that had been added throughout the years. The already successful company knew that they needed to update their online branding to take their business to the next level.

Our approach.

The first step in our approach was to navigate the current site and extract the important and relevant content in order to simplify it and highlight what content was going to effectively achieve the Restaurant Expert’s business objectives.

The next step was to develop a sitemap for the new website that structured the content in a way that was going to efficiently walk the visitor through the relevant information for an optimal user experience.

The new content structure, coupled with a new up-to-date website design, has rocketed The Restaurant Expert to that next level.

This website’s cool features.

Responsive design.

The Restaurant Expert’s website does not simply shrink to fit on phones and tablets; it detects the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Then, it automatically adjusts the size of the images and the layout of the content to provide the best possible experience for the viewer.

E-commerce made easy.

The Restaurant Expert has a fully integrated E-Commerce solution that allows site visitors to securely purchase products and memberships right on the website.

Workshops & seminars.

With Restaurants Experts new site, thier visitors can now register and pay for upcoming workshops and seminars. The workshop and seminar pages are complete with all the important information regarding the event.

Infusionsoft integration.

Part of The Restaurant Experts key to success has been incorporating the power of Infusionsoft. All of the website forms, product purchases, and workshop and seminar registrations are integrated into the Restaurant Expert’s Infusionsoft account.