Our approach.

Working with SparkPoint Studios is always a pleasure, but their client, transmedia author Alane Adams, had quite the interesting project for us.

Alane Adam’s book series, Legends of Orkney, is being made into a mobile game called BattleKasters by the one and only, Artifact Technologies.

We needed to create a new website for Alane that showcased the Legends of Orkney series but would also work with other books that she’s authored that have nothing to do with the series.

Secondly, we built the Legends of Orkney website as a hub for the whole series.

Finally, we built a landing page for the BattleKasters game to both distribute information and also collect sign-ups for gamers who want to test it. The landing page will serve as a promotional tool as they promote BattleKasters at fancons this summer.

We got to use the incredible imagery from the game on the websites, so they’re all extra beautiful.

This website’s cool features.

Responsive design.

All three websites do not simply shrink to fit on phones and tablets; they detect the size of the screen they are being viewed on. Then, they automatically adjust the size of the images and the layout of the content to provide the best possible experience for the viewer.

E-commerce action.

Fans can purchase their copy of the first Legends of Orkney novel, The Red Sun, on Alane Adam’s website.

Newsletter signups.

Fans can sign up for Alane’s newsletter to receive news on the series and to test out the game at fancons this summer. The forms on the websites automatically subscribes those who sign up to the appropriate list in MailChimp.