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Local SEO vs Organic SEO: Which type of SEO is best?

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Show Notes

Local SEO or Organic SEO? What’s the difference and which one should you be focused on?

In this 7-minute bingeable marketing podcast episode we’re diving in to answer all these SEO questions.

Discussion Topics:

  • Local SEO
  • Organic SEO
  • Consider your audience
  • Search engine results
  • Content considerations

Episode 102 Transcript

Local SEO vs Organic SEO: Which type of SEO is best?

Local SEO or organic seo, what’s the difference and which one should you be focused on in this seven minute ible Marketing podcast episode, we’re diving in to answer all of these SEO questions.

Welcome to the Grinding Grow Marketing Show, your show for Bingeable marketing strategies to exhilarate your business growth delivered. And impactful seven minute weekly episodes. I’m Brad Ball, founder of Liquis Digital, a marketing agency helping businesses grow since 2008. Thanks for joining us today, and don’t forget to subscribe now.

Let’s grow.

Hello and welcome back to the Grand and Grove Marketing Show. Today we are talking. About local SEO versus organic seo, and what’s the difference and which one should your business be focused on? Let’s break down what the two are. So local SEO is basically optimizing your business presence online for local searches, right?

So when people start something local, so when someone goes to Google and they search for something near me, or something in a city or a town, A business in a location that’s a local search. And if you are a local business, you want to appear higher in these local results. What’s different with Organic SEO is this is what people typically think about when they think of seo.

So Organic SEO is really all about optimizing your website pages to show up in Google searches. So we typically are thinking about. Focused on optimizing your content of your website. So when someone types in an organic search, they’re searching for that content, that information. Some other big differences when it comes to local SEO versus organic SEO is the audience.

And you might be thinking, well, the audience is the audience. They’re all just coming to Google and they’re all just searching. So why don’t I just show up in both? The difference is, is when someone is searching in local SEO or it’s a local search, it’s all about your business’s presence online, in that local area.

So that means when someone is searching for that service, a local service, they are more likely ready to buy. Versus organic searchers are typically looking for answers to questions, or they’re researching, or they’re trying to find, you know, some education. So what I think is, if we’re looking for like a dietician near me, well that person is probably very likely that they know they need a dietician.

They have done their research, they’re looking for a business, they’re looking for a service. Right, so they’re more likely to buy. That’s a, that search phrase has a lot more of a buy intent versus if I’m looking for, you know, a carnivore diet versus a paleo diet, right? So I’m not in that search necessarily looking for a dietician.

I’m just trying to educate myself. Now, if I was a dietician, both of those searches would be relevant to my. But depending on what the search is, if it’s a local search, more likely that is a buyer intent versus the organic search, which is, you know, more of the organic results. So that’s audiences. Let’s talk about the results.

So the actual results that Google puts up once a search is done, so, When it’s a local search, those results are going to be displayed up at the top of the search engine by the map, right? So you usually have some ads, and then you have the map, the local results, and what we call that is the three pack. So they usually display the top three local results.

So the goal in local search engine optimization is to get into the three. They’re at the top always. And then underneath that you might see some more ads or might just go right into the organic results. That is a big difference in the placement, and there’s been some studies shown that there is a lot higher click through rate with local search results in that map versus the organic results.

So the next thing to look at when we’re thinking about local or organic SEO is the content that you produce to achieve the results. So when we think about local seo, the content is all going to be location based information, such as your name, your address, and your phone number versus organic. SEO content is gonna be more of a long form informational content, educational content that basically is an optimized webpage or a blog post, right?

So it’s longer content that shows up versus that location based information. Now what comes down to which one is really better for you and better for your business? If you’re a local business, and obviously local SEO should be your focus. If you are not a local business, it doesn’t mean local SEO doesn’t apply to you.

It just means you know that maybe you know, if you’re not local business, maybe an organic would be a better approach. So if you’re local, Your main focus should be local seo, not organic seo. And really what you want to be focusing on is optimizing your Google Business profile. So if you haven’t gone and claimed that, then go claim it.

You want to fix what we call the nap your name. Your address and your phone number, that should be consistent on your Google business profile, your website, and all of the other platforms out there should be identical. This helps tell Google that all the information that is out there is correct, and then the more correct information they can find on you, the more they’re gonna rank you higher.

And then the next thing is to get citations. Citations are kinda like back links, so they’re just another place where they’re gonna see the correct information out there about your business linking back to you, and then again, optimizing your webpages for local searches. So including what you do. In the location, you do it.

Alright, so that is the big differences between local SEO and organic seo in which one to choose for your business. And we’ll see you in the next episode,

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