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How to reach your audience with email automation & newsletters.

By May 20, 2021June 1st, 2024No Comments

Show Notes

Is your business leveraging the power of email marketing? If not, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to cultivate your business. In this episode, we are going to examine how you can leverage email automation and email newsletters to convert more leads into customers and increase sales for your business.

Key Takeaways

What are email journeys and how are they different from email newsletters?

  • Email journeys are a set of emails, automatically sent in a specific timed sequence, triggered by an action, that you set to achieve a specific business objective.
  • Email newsletters are one-off emails, manually scheduled to send to your subscriber list.

When to use newsletters and when to use journeys?

  • Newsletters are great for staying in front of your current subscribers and customers.
  • Journeys are great for moving a prospective lead through the buying cycle stages.

Considerations to think about when sending newsletters or journeys.

  • Should your newsletters be long or short?
  • What frequency are you sending your emails and how many emails are your readers receiving?
  • What action do you want the reader to take?

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