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Best business advice for any entrepreneur struggling to grow.

By May 19, 2022May 24th, 2022Podcast Episodes

Show Notes

Not only have I been building my business for over 14 years, but as a marketing agency I’ve also had the opportunity to help hundreds of other businesses grow as well.

In this episode, I am sharing my best business advice for any entrepreneur starting out or struggling to grow.

Discussion Topics:

  • Having patience
  • Getting out of your own way
  • Asking for proper help
  • Focus on “the one” thing
  • Learning how to fail
  • Creating systems that are scalable without you
  • Chasing the process not the goal
  • Taking time to reflect on how far you’ve come
Brad Ball

Hey there, I’m Brad, the design and development director here at Liquis, and I can say without a doubt that I am living the dream. The best part of what I do is knowing that I am actually helping people bring their own dreams to reality.

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