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This agreement is dated and in effect as of 07/13/2024, between the business name you entered in the previous step, hereafter referred to as the “client,” and Liquis Design, hereafter referred to as the "consultant." This agreement is with respect to selected hosting/update package of the client, hereinafter referred to as the "work."

Hosting+Security: $104.00 a month
  • Unlimited Webspace
  • Unlimited Traffic/Bandwidth
  • Updates to the WordPress core
  • Updates to all installed WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Security
    • We take all measures to properly secure your WordPress site, which includes staying on top of any new security threats and proactively securing your site as needed.
  • WordPress Backups to web files and database daily/weekly


The consultant agrees to provide the client with hosting of the client's website for the duration of this agreement.

WordPress Updates
In the event that the client selects a package involving WordPress updates, the work is subject to the consultant updating the clients WordPress install with any and all updates to the WordPress core, and plugins. The updates will be performed each month as updates become available.

In the event that the client selects a package involving WordPress security, the work is subject to the consultant securing the WordPress install and hosting to protect from any common security threats to the WordPress system and installed plugins. The consultant agrees to update the website's security to protect against any new broadcasted WordPress security attacks.

In the event that the client selects a package involving WordPress backups, the work is subject to the consultant setting up the site to perform scheduled backups of all web files and database.

This is an ongoing annual agreement that will auto-renew each year. You will be charged in the amount of $104.00 upon submitting this form.

Work will be completed on a monthly basis, billed in advance. To ensure there is no delay in services, the consultant will make a withdraw from the account noted below in advance of each calendar month, for the amount of the above-selected package.

Should the client want to cancel or switch services, a one-month notice is required to intercept the next billing cycle. The consultant has the authority to remove the client’s site upon none payment exceeding one billing cycle.

The undersigned agrees to the terms of this agreement on behalf of his or her organization or business and verifies that the above payment information is permissive for the work outlined in this agreement.
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