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How to create irresistible Lead Magnets that convert.

By November 4, 2021December 8th, 2021Podcast Episodes

Show Notes

80 to 90% of the traffic on your website is not ready to buy right now.

So what do you do with this 80-90%?

In this episode we’re going to show you the secret to creating an irresistible lead magnet that converts your website lookie-loo’s into actual buyers.

Key Takeaway:

Ten percent of all traffic to your website is ready to buy at best. The other 90% is cold traffic that is there to learn more or do research. Basically, most are window shopping.

So, what do you do with this 90%? How can you get them to become buyers instead of browsers?

You must get them on your email list.

And the best way to do this is with a lead magnet.

Today’s email list is tomorrow’s customers. And the lead magnet is the vehicle to get them to your email list.

Without the lead magnet, that 90% will likely click away and leave your website for good.

Let me show you how to keep them around, warm them up, and turn them into real buyers.

Discussion Topics:

  • Lead Magnet Formats
  • Lead Magnet Topics
  • How to attract the right audience
Brad Ball

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